The Honors Way

Our Vision
Honors vision is to provide an environment to our agents and clients that promotes financial peace, encourages personal joy, and enables greater generosity towards others
Honors Culture
We Take Initiative-We don’t wait for instruction, we aren’t passive we provide clear guidance, exceptional council, and next level  performance. Procrastination is the enemy.
We are accountable-We stand by our commitments and follow through with everything.
We Problem Solve-We find problems and create solutions with skill and urgency.
We are Hungry- We don’t complain ,we don’t mope, we pursue the deal, pursue relationships, and pursue results.
We are RelentlessRelentlessly positive, passionate, and committed to the service of our clients.
We are Empathetic-We come along side you where you are at and serve you in your circumstances meeting your goals, not our  own, with compassion and understanding.
We Listen- You are heard, you are cared for, and you are served. Slow to speak eager to hear.
We are Servants- We take on the privilege and opportunity to serve. We take direction, heed instruction, and execute quickly with a servant attitude.
We are Passionate-We enjoy what we do and truly believe hard work and dedication is foundational to success of any kind.
We Honor- Putting others first, respecting everyone, holding others in high esteem and fulfilling our commitments.
We have fun! We love our community, and our best is what you’ll get!


We are Honors Real Estate!