Become an Honors Agent

Honors Real Estate Services is thriving and looking to bring on new and experienced real estate agents to our team!

We are more than just a typical local real estate brokerage we are a force to be reckoned with!  Our agents are making waves in the industry- achieving incredible success for their clients and enjoying a camaraderie that fosters growth and experience.  And we want that for you too

At Honors, our core focus is improving the lives of our agents, clients, business partners and their families by faithfully serving them with integrity, honor and respect. In order to do that, we have structured our brokerage to be a full service real estate environment that offers residential, commercial, development, construction, auction and business consulting services.

We truly believe that HRS sets itself apart from other real estate firms because of the incredible people we have on board. Our team shares a wide variety of industry skill sets, decades of experience, high morals, deep friendships and driving passion for what they do.  This coupled with state of the art business strategies and competitive incentives makes Honors a brokerage you definitely want to be a part of!

What You Can Expect at Honors Real Estate Services:

-  Competitive Splits and Annual Bonus Structures

-  Professional Coaching and Training from Knoxville’s Top Individual Sales Agent, Wil Glafenhein

-  No Monthly Fees, Start Up Costs or Printer Fees

-  Collaborative Environment with Developers, Auctioneer and Commercial Brokers

-  Admin Support, In-House Marketing and Graphic Designer

-  Support Tools: Listing presentations, contract processing technology, budgeting technology, personal email account, printer/scanner, and buyer guides

-  In House Book-Keeping and Transaction Coordinator Available

-  Leads and Open House Opportunities Provided

-  Conference Room Access and Desk Space Available at No Cost

-  Weekly Training Sessions touching on all aspects of your business (ex. servicing your clients, sales growth, tax strategies, personal growth, etc.)

-  Family Owned and Operated with a Culture of Loyalty and Camaraderie

-  Engaging West Knoxville Location in Northshore Town Center above Cazzy’s Corner Grill

-  Founding Brokers are personally dedicated to your growth and success in real estate- and are actively available to you helping you every step of the way

Still Not Convinced? 

Did you know that Honors Real Estate Services is the #1 largest family owned brokerage in Knoxville!  Did you also know that HRS was founded by Glen Glafenhein, one of the Best Residential Developers in East Tennessee and Wil Glafenhein, the #1 Individual Sales Agent in Knoxville!  

Successful People Surround Themselves with Successful People! Whether you are looking to start your real estate career off right or looking to achieve even more success in your current career- why not join a team that puts you hand in hand with some of the most successful brokers in Knoxville!


Email: to start a discussion with Wil Glafenhein directly.

You may also let us know of your interest by filling out our contact form here.