Devon claims Knoxville as her home town, even though she was raised in a military family growing up all over the states. Fortunately, once her dad retired from the Air Force she was able to create some roots and settle down in Tennessee. She attended Farragut schools and went on to graduate with a marketing major and logistics collateral from the University of Tennessee. Since graduation, she has had incredible career opportunities in Los Angeles, Nashville, Dalton and Chattanooga that have helped shape her into the well-rounded business professional she is today.

Devon is a yet another member of the Glafenhein Family, being married to the co-founder of Honors, Wil Glafenhein. She serves as the director of operations within the firm, with a high emphasis on taking care of the agents so that they can better serve their clients. When she is not in the office, Devon also serves as the "director of operations" at the home, with their two little kiddos, Titus and Kate.

If you ever have any questions about the company, Devon would be happy to hear from you!

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